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Hi, hello from a living room overlooking a brick pigeonless wall. Some bastard has cut down the tree in front of my window and they will pay for this. Also, I’m subscribed to a lot of newsletters now. I’m actually enjoying reading e-mails again. Who would’ve thought. If you have some rather interesting ones you think I should follow, let me know in reply.

2016-02-17 18:01:24

The new comic is going well. Almost 4 months in and I’m starting to find my footing. The act of sitting down and writing out a comic is still giving me some trouble but the drawing itself is getting more enjoyable and I feel better about the workflow. I don’t know why taking time to mull things over and form an idea is so difficult.

I’m thinking of stepping away from the weekly Monday update and just do ‘whenever’. There’s weeks when I have 2 comics written out or an extra little thing to show and weeks without time to finish. I fear I’ll get burnt out again if I have to keep fighting it every week. Plenty of spaces to announce new updates anyway (Including Patreon).

I’ve been wanting to address certain social issues as well. The perpetual stream of right-wing thought and action going on is just too much to ignore. There’s ways I want to weave that into the comics without being glib about it, as I’ve seen some people do.


I have a new reason to dislike consumer electronics. My tablet broke and repairs would have cost the same as a new one. Reason being that the manufacturer wanted to replace every bit that didn’t look ‘new’ anymore. Including replacing the glass because a bit of moisture or dirt got between it and the LCD screen. They essentially forced me to either buy a new one or pay them to ship it back so I could try my luck elsewhere. Is this part of an aggressive forced obsolescence & update strategy? I’m not sure. It feels insane.


New reading material:


Another reason for wanting to read the 2 aforementioned books, is that I struggle with the ideas surrounding being ‘artistic’ and what that means when dealing with daily life, work and relationships. Looking at my family over 3 generations, there’s no doubt in my mind that there’s a overwhelming urge to create things being passed along. I would like to be better at using and living with it.

Possibly related:
I took some ‘career coaching’ at the end of last year, looking to step away from what was bothering me about the day job(s). I won’t bore you with the reasons (yet again) or the process. However, turns out facing the facts about yourself and your job is tedious and not as rewarding as you might imagine, months later. But you know what else is not rewarding? Looking for a new job twice in less than a year. Unless you’re one of those popular tech profiles, or so I imagine. If you know a place that can use a storyboard artist, illustrator or comic artist, let me know.

In any case, if you’re living in Belgium and need career advice, coaching is a good place to start (and it’s cheap):


With that, I leave you to your day/evening. May you have a nice tree to look at every now and then. If you’ll excuse me, I have an axe to grind.