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There are 3 pigeons sitting on a ledge in the rain, right across from my apartment window.
Hi everyone, how’s your Sunday going?

6e7ea97c-7c17-4678-974c-372128c815b4Time for a long overdue update I reckon.
Here’s something new: my return to webcomics. Beardfluff died with the leaves of Autumn, long live Black Tea Comics!
The new site is up, possibly with a new comic as you are reading this. Do check it out if you like comics.


The weather is traditinally Belgian at the moment of writing, which is to say: drizzly and miserable. The pigeons are now 5. I’m sitting at my desk with a cup of tea.

One of the freelance projects from early in the year is not quite dead but in a sort of limbo, so I’m sharing it here. Hopefully you’ll get to see these on shirts by next year. It’s t-shirt designs centered around the Belgian city of Kortrijk and music/multi-media.


The pigeons are now 11 and the rain increased to a downpoor. One of them is sitting on a chimney.

The most creative fun I’ve had the past month, was participating in #inktober. If you follow me on Instagram, you saw my dinosaurs pass by. Here’s a small sample.

I’m also taking commisions and new freelance illustration jobs at the moment if you know someone who wants a cool drawing.

This is just about everything I can report on at the moment. It’s a couple of months after I started writing this letter. The pigeons have left.

I will see you next time!