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Let’s see, what have we been up to lately?

The small comic con I attended last week was so slow, I spent most of the day either drawing weird creatures or slowly losing my mind out of boredom. I think it probably wasn’t advertised very well.

I did get to see old friends again and draw a page for the next issue of “Pierke zegget zuu”, a comic book illustrating sayings in the local dialect (Gents). That counts as a win.

I’m not saying these are better than the Pokemans, alright?
I’m just saying I don’t know why kids run away screaming when they see them.

Another reminder to mistrust history books

Zheng He kicks Columbus’ ass.

Best piece of weird fiction I’ve heard all week

The Cuil Theory, as featured in Idea Channel’s Tweet of the week.


October 25th, you’ll find me participating in The Big Draw in Antwerp.
I’ll be taking part in an exhibition in  Mekanik Strip, where I’ll be drawing alongside other artists who participated in making a comic called “Mr. Tentacle”

I’m going to Stockholm, Sweden in a couple of weeks. Apparently, they have a lot of Nazis there. I’m getting slightly worried.

If anyone still has a OnePlus One invite,
I’ll be glad to take if off your hands

A good night/day to you, dear reader.
I hope you have a pleasant start of the week.

Until next time