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I’ve had entirely too much tea and stress as I’m writing this,
so I decided to give TinyLetter a try.

Hello, you can now subscribe to my Tiny Newsletter
and in turn I will tell you things and show you stuff.

Such as this self-portrait I made 2 days ago:

Or this pig I made last weekend:

Or this animated speech I made for a friend’s birthday.

Sometimes I have announcements:

If you’re in Ghent (Belgium) this Saturday (September 6th), you can find me standing with my comics at Flanders Expo for the ‘Stripbeurs’.
Oh, and I’m starting freelancing (as an official secondary occupation) starting October.
Doing illustrations, making plushies, creative design work or webthings for hire.

*This is me*

Or cool stuff:

If you have some time to dick around on YouTube and like fun cartoons,
watch the first 2 seasons of Bravest Warriors (if you haven’t already).
They’re only about 6 minutes each.

Good night/day,

hope to talk to you again.