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Good day, one and all. I’m ending the day with a headache and some tea, so what better time to recap the past week or so.

New pixel portraits

These tend to come into existence when I have other things I desperately need to do. Like cleaning, or getting started on new comics. Here are a few Harley’s and a Luther.
I’m now fixated on finding/making a notebook with 2mm grids so I can sketch more of these on paper. Maybe I can make some comics this way.

Cool to see

Netflix launched in Belgium, so I spent a lot of time exploring the catalog this past week-end. ‘Penny Dreadful’ (if you like supernatural drama/thriller) is pretty neat and of course ‘Luther’ (moody British detective Idris Elba).
Rewatched the Cornetto trilogy, with the girlfriend since she hadn’t seen them before. I still prefer the first one (Shaun of the Dead) but the sense of humor, the callbacks, the transitions, the characters are great across the board. Hm, maybe I should make some pixel things of those as well.

Irritation of the week

Having to throw a perfectly good site design in the bin because the client demands his site to be in screaming orange and green. Luckily, the original designer doesn’t work here anyway. I think she’d spontaneously combust.

Question of the week

I’m opening up commissions, starting in October and thinking of offering pixel portraits or avatars for people online. Is that a thing people would pay for? Or be interested in?


Good night and see you next time!