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Hello there good citizen on the interwubble! Since last we met, things happened and I will now recount  them for you. That is the way of newsletters such as this one. Isn’t this amazing. 

~= Irish wedding =~

I’m writing the first part of my update to you the day after attending a wedding and doing some sightseeing in Dublin. Today is somewhere at the end of March.
Easily one of the best trips abroad I’ve been on – and the first one with the girlfriend. Oh Irish people sure do know how to throw a (wedding) party. It helps when the groom is a rock musician and the wedding band was therefor carefully selected. But the best part is that we were celebrating alongside some of the warmest, kindest people I know. I can’t speak for all Dubliners but that kindness seems to be a solid thread throughout the place. Sad that it was such a short trip. 

~= Quittin’ time =~

We are now May first and for the past 4 and a half years, I’ve worked as a front-end developer for one company, which I will be leaving in a week. This type of work has been my dayjob for 8 years or so, while making comics and illustrations in the off-hours. It’s something I rolled into when I started designing sites and used to get some enjoyment and satisfaction out of. Not so much for a couple of years now, aside from the odd experiment and animation-related work. Which is a shame since there’s much more cool stuff to build for the web.
Here’s a tip if you’re working in frontend development: If you find you’ve hardly done anything new or improved in the past year, it’s time to take a good look at where you’re going. It’s too easy to burn out. 
Because you’re not going to get much out of just ‘slicing’ photoshop files. 

~= Projects =~

Since starting part-time freelancing, I’ve recently finished a couple of projects. Sadly, I can only share one for now. The one with the cool shirt-designs will have to wait another month, the secret book project much later still.

One that launched about a month ago, is a video tutorial I made about making CSS-animations and SVG. If you’re into front-end development or webdesign, you might find it useful.

I’ve also been thinking of new pluchies to make. They are things I usually make when I don’t want to work on something else or to give to a friend. Maybe it’s time to start a shop or someting, I have plenty of models. Starting with a bison skull prototype. Others I’m adding to my list are whales and sharks, for which I can’t seem to find the appropriate pictures at this time.

~= Links =~

If you’re looking to strech your comedy or comic making skills and get more spontaneity in your writing, check out Ryan Hudson’s Skillshare class. It’s a great exercise and a good look at his process.

If animation in webdesign is your thing, consider subscribing to Rachel Nabor’s Web Animation Weekly newsletter. She shares a lot of useful and cool work being done right now.

Writer of comics and mad stories Warren Ellis has an excellent newsletter. You should consider subscribing.

You can find more of my work on, I’m @lordrembo on Twitter and @rembrand on Instagram (which won’t let me change my username, the bastards).


With this I’ll leave you to the many many things you undoubtedly have waiting for you. Don’t forget to take a break every now and then.
Thanks for reading, hope to see you in a little while.