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Tiny Tea Dispatch


Leaves are slowly starting to show up on the garden’s back wall and flowers have been sown. The planters are ready to be put back up. Before too long, we’ll have a lively cover of green to look at .
No pepper plants this year though, as I didn’t want to deal with the hassle of visiting a garden centre for the necessary supplies in the middle of a pandemic. Frankly, I also didn’t feel like putting in the time and effort. Maybe next year.

# Food #

It’s certainly been a while (looks at notes… 6 months?) but I’ve made a new batch of hot sauce (number 16). Something small, since we had some miscellaneous store-bought peppers laying around and I wanted to see how well they’d ferment and mix with my very smokey chipotle. It was tricky to find a good balance between the salt, sweetness, smokey and sour notes but we got there in the end.
Meanwhile, my girlfriend has gone mad and is baking an ungodly amount of chocolate chip cookies in search of perfecting her recipe.

# Retro corner #

I was all done fixing up old Gameboys but then I got sent and extra LCD screen, so I had to find another Gameboy Pocket to mod đŸ˜€
By chance this black one turned up on a search, so now I have a  Batman-themed console. Besides the backlit screen, I added a large capacity rechargeable battery, with micro USB charging. Far better than having 2 AAA batteries in there.
The question is: should I add some yellow and/or blue accents (eg. replacing the buttons) for a movie Batman or even comic book Batman style?
It looks pretty great with a yellow Gameboy Camera on it, so a splash of color on the front could be nice as well.
One consequence of having yet another Gameboy, is that I need to sell my green Gameboy Pocket and my green classic Gameboy (DMG) to make space. I just have to figure out a good way to ship them if it goes internationally. Turns out that shipping from Belgium is annoyingly expensive.

# Making #

That’s right, the game I’ve been working on is officially released. Many thanks for the folks trying it out last month and giving me feedback! I’ve fixed the reported bugs, added better info about the controls, along with a bunch of other tweaks.
I hope everyone playing it gets some enjoyment out of it, as it was a fun thing for me to make.
You can just play it in the browser (even on your phone) via that link.
If you’re really into supporting indie games, there is also a ROM you can buy and run on your emulator or supporting GB console of choice.

I want to add some extended features (eg. extra routes, more types of backgrounds, …)  but maybe I’ll focus on making something new first. I think I’ve spent enough time on this one for now.

# Seen

Ask Adam Savage

As a part of the ‘Tested’ YouTube channel, former Mythbuster/special effects prop builder and all-round creative person Adam Savage regularly answers questions from viewers. I especially liked this episode because it deals with some of the negative aspects of making things.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Full of weird & interesting characters trying to deal with a horrible situation. It’s difficult to find humor in a story like this but  this movie makes it work while being a compelling social drama.

Atomic Blonde

Watch the trailer for a good look at what could have been an fun and interesting movie. Unfortunately, they chose to make something else instead.

Some new Marvel series


# Closing thoughts #

At some point, in the last quarter of the year, I will be 40. I don’t usually celebrate birthdays in a big way, but this year, I feel like I should do something extra. When famous (comic book) writer Alan Moore became 40, he decided to have a full-on midlife crisis and declared himself a magician. Admittedly, he was quite drunk at the time. In any case, after sobering up he went through with it and still seems to be having fun.

I don’t generally drink either (especially not in the way he must have done) but it certainly sounds like a great idea to do some new things or reinvent yourself every now and then. So I’m looking for something creative and interesting to start up. Preferably something cheap, that doesn’t involve being in close proximity to others, that I can keep going for 30 years and that I can already start preparing for.
Any suggestions on that front would be greatly appreciated.

If anyone younger than me is curious about what it’s like getting close to turning 40, it’s pretty much the same as becoming 30 but you’re much more aware of your back and joints. That’s it. And I’m guessing 50 will be much the same in that regard. I’d prefer it if things didn’t deteriorate over time but until there’s free regeneration machines on every street corner, it is what it is.

People make such a big deal out of nothing. I heard a 26-year old describe themselves as getting ‘old’ once, in that hilariously oblivious self-centered way 20-somethings look at the world (not that we stop being self-centered at any point). You just have to laugh at that. The reference for feeling old is always some dumb shit like a movie that came out when you were a kid, that’s being remade. Or talking to an adult who wasn’t even born when you were learning to drive. At some point, you have to detach yourself from those experiences. Someone’s always gonna think of you as old and they’ll be in the same boat in a couple of years experiencing it for themselves. It just doesn’t matter at all.

With that tidbit of useless pontification, I’ll leave you to go about your weekend. It’s been another short dispatch but then again, it’s been another month of life-in-a-pandemic and I’m a bit too tired and in need of a vacation to focus on finding exciting topics to talk about.

Catch you next month, have a good weekend!

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