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Tiny Tea Dispatch


The last time we saw our intrepid doggo, he was standing in the backyard of a small row house. A couple of months later, there is a lot more ground to inspect.
It’s been a busy few months, getting everything in order for the big move (hence the summer break from the newsletter) but here we are again. Who cares if we don’t have a closet in the bedroom yet, or that we have boxes left to unpack. At least we have a home office setup, tea and an internet connection.

# Plant life #

Not much gardening done at the old house this year (because of the move). I did manage to grow this tiny carrot on the kitchen window sill this summer. It made a perfect tiny snack for the dog.
The new garden comes preloaded with some interesting plant life. There’s at least 7 different kinds of bushes that I can see as I’m writing this, some rhubarb in a corner somewhere, chives in 2 different spots and who knows what else. Next year, I want to pear it down a bit so we can have a small vegetable/herb garden and a greenhouse in the back. Perfect for growing peppers!

# Inkwell

I’m no longer in the market for vintage pens but that doesn’t stop me from looking at the new & shiny ones that pop up from time to time. And these are very shiny indeed. It’s the ‘Wancai mini’, from the Moonman company (recently rebranded as ‘Mahjohn’). I got the trifecta of green, blue and red after Chrisrap did a video review on them. Now I’m just waiting on some shimmering inks to arrive to complete the experience!

# Watch tower

There was a Kickstarter campaign to make this beautiful watch inspired by Jules Verne’s “Vingt Mille Lieues sous les mers” (Twenty thousand leagues under the seas).
For me, the bronze & green version ticks all the boxes. You couldn’t ask for a better fit when it comes to a watch inspired by the grandfather of ‘Steampunk’, right?
In any case, this ones was too good to pass up on, so I backed it as my birthday present to myself (even though it’ll will only ship next year in April at the earliest).

# More presents

With the recent birthday, came some gifts. The bluetooth/DAB radio in particular is a welcome addition to the living room (thank you Booo!).
I’ve missed having a radio around. As much as I like podcasts, there’s nothing quite like randomly switching on the radio and catching a bit of music you haven’t thought about in a while.

In the notebook pictured above, you can see the result of a small thermal printer I got myself. I’ve been testing out the various paper types and settings, printing pictures I took with my phone or the Gameboy Camera (in a roundabout way). The results are quite nice, if I say so myself.

# Seen #

Peter Capaldi (who you may know from ‘The Thick of it’ or ‘Doctor Who’), wrote and directed this (Oscar winning) short film (about 20 minutes). The story features Kafka constantly getting hilariously distracted and disturbed throughout Christmas Eve, trying to write the opening line of ‘The Metamorphosis’.
I highly recommend it.

(via Wyrd Britain)

# Made

Do you like motivational quotes? Then you’ll love these demotivational quotes! Or not. In any case, I think they’re more interesting.
On the more creative side, I started making backgrounds for a new Gameboy game. Not sure if I talked about it before but I want to build an explorable world based on the paintings of Magritte. I think it will be an exploration game but that might still change depending on how the drawings go. Many ideas and sketches but building something coherent out of it is always a challenge.

# Closing thoughts #

We’re slowly getting used to the new place and neighbourhood. Still unpacking and getting rid of things we can’t fit into the home (or our lives) anymore. It’s been a bit stressful for a while.
I somehow managed to fit and organize all of my materials and sketchbooks into a home-office the size of a big closet, a fact I’m extremely proud of. The comics will probably (mostly) fit in the 1 book bookcase we put in the livingroom (a monstrosity built by combining 2 Billy book cases) with only a light bit of thinning out.
The doggo seems more at ease here though (bar the occasions we pass a local cat or when he sees someone passing through the street without his explicit approval).

As we get into new routines, the newsletter should fall into the montly cycle again and I’ll hopefully have more time and energy to work on the game as well as some other creative endeavors.

How’s things on your end? Do you have any creative tips for storing books and geeky paraphernalia?

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