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Tiny Tea Dispatch #032


Just like the Terminator franchise, I’m back once again. Just in a slightly different form.

Carl from Terminator Dark Fate, in front of his white van

As you can see, the monthly mail-train is running again, with a brand new design. I wrote a bit about the why and what I’ve been getting out of this newsletter on the blog if you’re curious.

# Making #

game boy color with DMG Express start screen on screen

The game I started working on back in winter of 2020, DMG Express, has been in my mind to upgrade and expand since its original release. Since then, the software I created it in got a few updated and options, so I migrated it to try and at least improve some small things.
The latest release of DMG Expres has a better enemy system (they chase you for a bit instead of passively flying straight on), there is parallax scrolling, I tweaked the dialogs and timing so you can move on a bit faster and tweaked various small bits nobody will ever notice.

So while it’s a major update behind the scenes, it’s mostly ‘quality of life’ and visual niceties that changed. None the less, if you’ve played the previous version, I do recommend checking out the upgrade as well.
Oh and there is a .pocket version of the game as well, for the folks who got their hands on [this cool console(

# Retro corner #

Game Boy Camera photo of an arc

Game Boy Camera photo of some pink and white blossoms on a tree

Of course there couldn’t be retro talk without some Game Boy Camera photos. These pictures were made (and then recolored afterwards) in a park in Ghent during an absolutely stunning day. I especially like how the flowers turned out.

Game Boy Camera photo of some pink and white blossoms on a tree

I’m also the proud owner of this set of Game Boy Pockets, truly the best form this came in. It’s not the full range but I love that I now make a rainbow of Game Boys.

# Closing thoughts #

That’ll be it for this week. Both the GF and I picked up Covid last week and while I don’t feel much of it (apart from a sore throat) and she is slowly on the mend, I’m not completely in the right mindset to comment on much else or recall the strange encounter we had last week, with someone asking us to call an ambulance.
Next time!

Hope you have a good start of the week and maybe consider staying away from people for another month or 3?