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Gameboy mods January

Gameboy mods January

The mods I did on my Gameboys this past month:

  • replaced the screens for my classic and my Advance SP with LCD’s
  • put a new shell on the SP
  • and converted a 25 year old battery pack to work with a new rechargeable LiPo battery and a charger with micro USP port.

I’m quite happy with the classic Gameboy’s screen mod especially, because I didn’t have to make major alterations to the shell itself. Apart from removing a few small bits of plastic on the inside, I could fit the parts in perfectly. Instead of the contrast wheel, there is now a brightness controller that also lets you switch color modes. My favorite ones, are the green and the yellow settings, since they look most like the original + they look nice in paired with the yellow shell.

Next month I think I’ll be changing the screens in my Gameboy Pocket and the Color. Those will involve a bit more work, since the screen mods I plan on using are a bit bigger than the originals. I’ll probably end up replacing the shells on those with some that have been pre-cut, to make things easier.