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Imagine you are walking one day, and find a boxy handheld computer in the bushes. It looks like something out of an 80’s sci-fi movie. You turn it on and you realize it is the lost device of a space traveller, with all their log transmissions (a diary of sorts).

‘Transmissions’ is not so much a game, but a serial story converted into a Gameboy game. I wrote and released it in instalments on Instagram and via RSS, every other day in 2020. There is no gameplay, other than you reading what the traveller was up to before the device was lost.
It was built using GB Studio, with an export as a Gameboy ROM and an HTML5 version.

Here’s one review of the game (at 4m:17s).

You can play Transmissions in the browser here, or download Transmissions to play in your favorite Gameboy emulator (or console).